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Ssese Islands – Uganda’s Hidden Islands

Kampala, Uganda

If you are looking for an island paradise in Uganda – amazingly you can find just such a place in landlocked Uganda – Uganda might not be along any ocean but shares the immense Lake Victoria with Kenya and Tanzania – and in this second largest lake in the world you will find the fabulous Ssese Islands. An archipelago of 84 islands in the sun, lush tropical islands that await you with its sandy beaches, palm trees moving with the gentle breeze off of Lake Victoria, exotic plants, flowers and trees, friendly islanders and most amazingly many of these islands are undeveloped – these are tropical islands in Africa away from the crowds, off of the beaten tourist path – Islands in the sun – yet due to the elevation of Uganda – Holiday like weather all year long.

The Ssese Islands are the perfect place to unwind after spending days on safari, after tracking gorillas and chimpanzees, golden monkeys, climbing volcanoes, or trekking the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon – the Ssese Islands are simply one of the best places to chill out and relax in Uganda – close to Entebbe International airport and convenient departure for your home country.

Just a few hours on a ferry and you reach the tropical Ssese Islands with not only sandy beaches, but tropical forest filled with monkeys, exotic birds (the Ssese Islands are a birder’s paradise), the elusive Sitatunga Antelopes. (You can also fly to the Ssese Islands)

Here on the Ssese Islands you can visit local Fishing Villages and meet Ugandans, learn their culture and ways. You can go boating here, paddling yourself or with a guide, motorboat to various islands, fish for the super-sized Nile Perch, or tasty Tilapia, feast on local fruit including, bananas, mangoes, papaya, water melons, jackfruit and pineapples with a taste, flavor, sweetness not found elsewhere in the world. The Ssese Islands give the perfect backdrop for many activities of which chilling out is foremost but there is so much more – these hidden and to most secret islands are a paradise largely undiscovered yet treasured by those who visit here as one of Pearls in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda. Yes there is an island in the Sun and in the case of Uganda it is Islands in the Sun – the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria.

The sunrises and sunsets are simply amazing over Lake Victoria – the lightning over this vast lake provide spectacular pyrotechnic like displays of nature a you sit by a beach camp fire along the lake enjoying the company of others.

Bugala Island is the island most visited by tourists – most hotel lodging accommodations are located along the lake giving you beachfront views of the lake and access to the lake. Life here is much slower here than in Kampala – people here live at a slower pace – relationships and friendships are the focus, here you can enjoy some of the friendliest people in Africa – take a hike through the forests and villages or a relaxing bicycle ride across the island and you certainly will not encounter a lot of traffic here.

The Ssese Islands – are listed among the world’s best secret Islands by Lonely Planet and what makes them different from many other island destinations – they are not as developed for tourism – there are no large hotels, no Five Star Resorts – lovely accommodations from rustic to moderate for the most part which does diminish the Ssese Islands – in the eyes of many that fact only enhances the Ssese Islands as the perfect place to chill out in the heart of Africa – in its largest lake – Lake Victoria on some of the secluded islands in Africa – the Ssese Islands ….enjoy Uganda –no wonder Lonely Planet picked it as the best country to visit in 2012… from Kampala…Jon

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